Travel Sources

Most of the frequent travelers on earth needs information regarding to the place where they are planning to visit. It’s just like watching a historic movie after you study about that specific part of the historic events / happenings.  It will be a lot more fun to know some general information after you’ve done your home work and background check to visit these very specific destinations.

In that matter of issue, we are planning to publish unlimited sources, resources informative elements and tools to use for your next holiday vacations to Istanbul or any other part of Turkey that will improve and encourage you to travel more often. What good are those resources ? how will they help you? for this we will give you some basic examples to give you a hint of how those little things will be a life saver on your holiday.

Did you know that you can’t buy alcoholic beverages in Turkey after 10 pm ? As of 2013 you can not buy alcoholic drinks in any super market / convenient stores after 10 pm.  Are you aware of the national and religion related holidays of Turkish Nation to avoid the hit season for local to decrease the transportation and accommodation coast?

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